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Productos – Servicios

Help in accessing to the powerful EU market (€16 billions of GP)
We analyze your International Business Model to identify strengths and assess their potential for access 
Identification and communication with possible marketing partners and customers, send them information and follow up, send them samples and follow up, prepare buyer profiles and a complete report
Market Research: from rapid analysis of opportunities to complet market studie
Help in complying with Import Regulations
Assistance in Marketing: Identification and Communication with possible clients
Assistance in Promotion: Organization of Trade Missions, Promotion in Trade Shows

We are good at what we do because we understand the strategic process. Since we were founded, we have helped to develop organisations, PYME’S (small to medium-sized businesses) associations, institutions, etc. by preparing them for expansion overseas.

Our commitment along with the changing times has seen us become advisors that are confident in the use of innovation to change “traditional management”. Nowadays we must manage on a different playing field: lack of resources, economic crisis, fierce competition, globalisation, sustainability, emerging countries, etc.







Día 14 de Mayo

Herramientas para facilitar la internacionalización de la Pyme

FINANCIACIÓN BONIFICADA - Préstamos para la Internacionalización
¡Préstamo bonificado al 0% interés para Pymes valencianas!
Financiación para Plan Internacionalización
INDOR trabajando junto con tu empresa elaborará la MEMORIA y el PLAN DE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN